Arsene DeLay’s debut album

Arsene DeLay debut album

CSB / Roxy Music is proud to support, in part, Arsene DeLay‘s first studio album, “Comin’ Home.” Already getting rave reviews, DeLay’s debut roared out to the shelves in New Orleans and across the world on CD Baby, and more on April 2nd, 2014. As the youngest vocalist of the Boutte family, she has a lot to live up to in the music world. But she certainly sets herself apart with the record, creating a style all her own with songs that everyone knows to those of her own writing and arranging. A rock album still firmly set in the jazz and funk style of which New Orleans is known, Arsene creates a collection of songs for all occasions, and leaves you wanting more.

More info on where to buy the album can be found at her website, on CD Baby, or at local New Orleans records stores including Peaches and Louisiana Music Factory.