Sonia Tetlow releases “A Place for Everyone”

On November 4, 2014, Sonia Tetlow released her new album, “A Place for Everyone,” which was proudly supported by CSB / Roxy Music as Executive Producer. Read the album notes from her BandCamp site below:


Recorded half in New Orleans and half in Atlanta, the album features musicians from both cities and brings the two communities together on one record. Amy Ray of the Indigo Girls lends her voice and mandolin playing to “Bosom of Abraham.” Craig Klein of Bonerama sings a duet and conjures the streets of New Orleans with his trombone playing on “Mr Okra,” a song he co-wrote with Tetlow. The album also features a co-write with long-time friend and bandmate, Paul Sanchez on, “Angel of St. Martinville,” a song that Tetlow and Sanchez wrote with Jamie Lynn Vessels and Carla Bergeron while on a trip in the Atchafalaya Basin. Other guests include members of Tetlow’s Atlanta band, Roxie Watson, Michelle Malone, Hannah Thomas and others. 

The New Orleans tracks were recorded with a full drum kit (Linda Bolley) and electric bass (Mary Lasseigne) at Esplanade Studios. The Atlanta tracks were recorded with cajon (Chardy McEwan) and upright bass (Phil Skipper) at Griffin Mastering. Paul Sanchez, Jimmy Galloway and Jamie Lynn Vessels add electric guitar to Tetlow’s own acoustic and electric on different tracks. The result is an album that takes you on a journey from being stuck in school in the poppy “Mardi Gras Morning,” to the swamps of southern Louisiana in the rockin’ blues of “Atchafalaya,” from hoboing across country in the toe-tapping, whistle while you smile folk of “’light Again,” to the sweet harmony and nod to the Carter Family Fold in “Comfort and the Light.” All together the sounds of Louisiana and Georgia weave a rich and joyous tapestry of music and indeed create A Place for Everyone.

You can find the album in New Orleans at the Louisiana Music Factory, on Spotify, iTunes, and other major vendors.