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Jamie Vessels

When Jamie Lynn Vessels takes the stage, this 6 ft. tall brunette commands attention. No matter what your musical taste, her voice and presence will capture you. She may be rockin’ cowboy boots, but her music is far more than country. Jamie’s music is soulful, bluesy, and a lot of rock ‘n’ roll.

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Sonia Tetlow

Since then, she’s lived in Atlanta. A diverse and talented multi-instrumentalist, she has toured extensively both in support of her own music, solo and with a band, as well as playing bass for New Orleans rockers Cowboy Mouth (mid-2004 through May 12, 2007) and guitar and mandolin for New Orleans singer/songwriter Paul Sanchez. Tetlow has also had the pleasure of performing on The Ellen DeGeneres Show, Atlanta and Company with Holly Firfir, the Louisiana Jukebox, as well as other news and radio broadcasts.

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Lynn Drury

Lynn Drury has been an integral part of the New Orleans music scene for over 15 years.  She was recently nominated “Songwriter of the Year” from Offbeat Magazine (2015), Best Female Performer by Gambit Weekly(2015), and has been featured at the Jazz & Heritage Festival for over 10 years. She plays a style called “Mississippi Grit/New Orleans Groove.” Her song “City Life” was also featured and used for ESPN’s 10 year Hurricane Katrina Anniversary video.  Her most recent album, “Come to My House” was produced by John Porter, who has produced 13 Grammy-winning albums.

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Johnny Mastro And Mama’s Boys

Johnny Mastro And Mama’s Boys have been based out of New Orleans for quite a while now, but they formed way out west at the legendary Babe’s And Ricky’s Inn in Los Angeles. It was there that club owner “Mama” Gross encouraged them to forge their own unique sound as long as it stayed true to the roots of the blues.

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Betsy Badwater

Betsy Badwater hammers down a stout distillation of rockabilly, country, blues, soul and high-lonesome. Betsy writes the songs, sings, plays guitar, and a tambourine-topped bass drum all at the same time. The Americana bandleader insists on organic instrumentation, guts-out-gospel vocalization, and rich, passionate, storytelling. 

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Arsène DeLay

A soulful voice, from a jazz tradition, with a heart of rock and roll, makes for a styling as complex as the city she calls home. Arsene spent much her life on the road, starting on Milwaukee’s rich underground hip-hop and poetry scene with Poetree Chicago, Growing Nation, Black Elephant, & Sheree Amore, while finishing a BFA in Theatre Arts, at Marquette University. Her acting career took her to Los Angeles, where she would put the Ascona Jazz and Heritage Festival, Edinburgh Fringe Festival, and the REDCAT Theatre at the Walt Disney Concert Hall under her belt before finishing her Master’s Degree in Acting from California Institute of the Arts.

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Roxie Watson

Roxie Watson is a four-piece string band from Atlanta, Georgia that blends gorgeous vocal harmonies and stellar songs into live performances that will just as soon make you laugh as shed a tear. Their music combines elements of old country, rock-a-billy, bluegrass, gospel, and even a little touch of classic rock ‘n roll. Lisa Love of Georgia Music Magazine and the Georgia Music Foundation describes the band by saying, “When you have a group of women who are natural story-tellers, who sooth their aggressive musical chops with beautiful harmonies, temper their rock-n-roll sensibilities with an understanding of Appalachian tradition, and come off as a little bit Keith Richards, a little bit Bill Monroe, you get Roxie Watson.”  

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