Becky Shaw of Atlanta’s “Roxie Watson” to have CD release party in New Orleans!

Becky Shaw, one of five of the Atlanta-based “alterna-grass” Roxie Watson (among other musical groups) will be having her second official CD release party here in New Orleans, LA at Chickie Wah Wah on March 11th, 2016 at 8pm! Paul Sanchez will be joining her for a night of song swapping and new material from Becky’s first studio album, “Shut Down, Jump In.” See the ad in OffBeat’s March 2016 issue, sponsored by CSB / Roxy Music! Ad art and “Shut Down, Jump In” art by Sonia Tetlow... read more

CSB / Roxy Music 2015 OffBeat Ads in Review

Take a look at CSB / Roxy Music’s OffBeat ads… as a proud supporter of live music and independent artists everywhere, keep an eye out in 2016 for more sponsored musicians and events!   JULY 2015   AUGUST 2015   SEPTEMBER 2015   OCTOBER 2015   NOVEMBER 2015 NOVEMBER 2015 JAMIE LYNN VESSELS ALBUM REVIEW   DECEMBER 2015   DECEMBER 2015 JOHNNY MASTRO & MAMA’S BOYS ALBUM... read more