Johnny Mastro & Mama’s Boys in the Studio!

Johnny Mastro & Mama's Boys

CSB / Roxy Music is proud to join Johnny Mastro & Mama’s Boys in the studio for their next release. CSB / Roxy Music is supporting JM & MBs in their next studio recording projects, release date(s) TBD.

The smokin’ and rockin’ group of artists recently came to New Orleans from Los Angeles, CA in order to pursue another avenue of musical exploration. Still busy in Europe, the Johnny and the Boys travel back and forth to tour and play across the ocean and in the Crescent City. With a unique sound and style, their next studio release is not something to be missed!

Check out more at the official site HERE.

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Nine Lives – A Musical Witness of New Orleans … presented by CSB / Roxy Music

Nine Lives

For the 9th anniversary of Hurricane Katrina, Nine Lives – A Musical Witness of New Orleans, was shown again for three nights in a row at Le Petit Theatre du Vieux Carre. This year’s event has seen a major overhaul to the production and screenplay, based on the book by Dan Baum. Set to songs and stories by Paul Sanchez and Colman deKay, a top-notch cast and production crew was brought in to bring the play even more alive. Directed by James Fitzmorris, and with Kimberly Kaye and Michael Cerveris in the wings (and Cerveris playing one of the musical’s memorable characters), the cast and crew include many local artists and actors (including Paul Sanchez, Shamarr Allen, Jesse Moore, Matt Perrine, Erica Falls, Alex McMurray and many more), bringing an authenticity that could not be found elsewhere. Press and more information can be found at the links below. Carla “Roxy” Bergeron is named as one of the producers for the play, and is officially presented by CSB / Roxy Music.

For Dan Baum’s synopsis on his website, click HERE.

For the Facebook link to the play, click HERE.

For the Theatre link, click HERE for the Facebook link, and HERE for the official website.